Monday, January 14, 2013

NEWS: Marvel Universe Team Packs Spotted Online

We knew The Inhumans, The Uncanny X-Men and the West Coast Avengers were all getting the Marvel Universe Team Pack treatment but we hadn't really had much else to go on beyond that.

Until now.

The multi-figure packs have become a staple of the Marvel Universe line, often featuring pack-exclusive figures, a tradition we can expect to see continue with all three upcoming releases, as you can see in these  new images spotted by our buddy Paul Nomad over at the Idle Hands blog:

Of the three upcoming packs The Inhumans set is the one that really catches my eye - not only because all three characters included in the pack have never previously been released but also because, well, it's The Inhumans and they're awesome (especially Karnak, who just radiates Kirby Kool.) It's also nice to see Rogue finally getting an outing in plastic form, with Mockingbird another welcome addition to the Marvel Universe line-up.

No word yet on whether we'll be getting any Fantastic Four/Future Foundation-style variants yet but with these packs landing at retail next month (and available to pre-order now via Entertainment Earth) it's certainly an exciting time to be a collector of the Marvel Universe line.

Thanks to Paul at Idle Hands for the original spot.

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