Friday, January 11, 2013

NEWS: Nanoidz from Toro Toys

Like minifigures? Dig MUSCLE-style wrestlers? Enjoy strategy games? Then Nanoidz could be your New Favorite Thing.

Created by Toro Toys, Nanoidz is a line of poseable, 2'' tall figures. It's unusual to find figures of that scale featuring articulation so Toro Toys is already onto something there but what really makes the line unique is the fact that the figures are backed-up with a strategic battle game.

Each figure includes a Nano Field tile, a double-sided piece featuring hidden battle modifiers, each color-coded to match-up with the hidden color panel on your Nanoidz figure. Utilizing the color-coded score on the randomly-placed Nano Fields then dictates your success - or failure - when battling against your rival's Nanoidz. It's a simple enough concept but one that will certainly appeal to fans of quick-fire strategy games and it certainly adds more to the line beyond them simply being a range of collectible minifigures.

Although things are still in the early stages of development (so far only a single prototype, MM-O Alpha (as seen above) has been produced) Toro Toys has big plans for the line, with over 100 character concepts currently being considered and plans to extend the Nano Field with new, backwardly-compatible pieces to further enhance gameplay.

Learn more at the Toro Toys website.


  1. Neat-o! I can see some folks going after these.

    1. I was thinking a year or so ago about how there's not really a decent figure/battle game range out there (I always thought Gormiti came close but wasn't quite as random/fun as it should be) and I could see these figures working really well in that respect.


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