Thursday, January 3, 2013

NEWS: Realm of the Underworld's Preytus Revealed

The second wave of Zoloworld's Realm of the Underworld line of super-cool retro-style figures is set to hit very soon, so here's our first look at the awesome glow in the dark (!) Wraith of the Archeron, Preytus, seen here in his first work-in-progress form (the staff, we're told, will be changed for the final release.)


  1. My 2 Underworld figures are on the way from Zolo and i will be showing them on the Cosmic Ark once they arrive. : )

  2. My figures came today and will be blogging on them tomorrow so keep your eyes out for a nice post on them.

    1. Cool! I'll look forward to seeing that!

    2. The blog post on these are up now over on the Cosmic Ark.


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