Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 02/12/2013

Here's our round-up of this week's other news, including some new indie toys, breaking Toy Fair coverage, podcasts, TV news and more!

The Nerd Lunch Podcast Episode 71 does a Mirror Universe take on Star Trek: Voyager.
New Star Wars-themed Podcast Galaxy of Toys returns for its second episode, this time looking at the New York Toy Fair line-up.

The Power Lords/Outer Space Men (And Women)
The Four Horsemen used the 2013 New York Toy Fair to unveil a few treats, including their revival of the obscure-but-fondly-remembered-by-its-fans line The Power Lords, plus a few gender-bending versions of their rather cool retro space figures, The Outer Space Men.
Being Human (UK)
The original, UK-based version of Being Human is to end with its fifth season, Bleeding Cool reports. Thankfully creator Toby Whitehouse was already aware of the impending end, allowing him to ''actually write a climax for the show,'' and thus avoid any unresolved cliffhangers.
Sleepy Robot 13 Blind-Bag Minifigures
Lisastarchild has just announced a line of blind-bagged Sleepy Robot 13 minifigures, available now in her Etsy store for the super-low price of just $2.95 (plus S&H.) Very cute and very cool.
[Sleepy Robot 13 Blind-Bag Minifigures]
Star Trek Into Darkness Kre-Os
Enjoy a few teaser images from the New York Toy Fair, giving us a glimpse at the new-look Klingons, plus some of the other characters and vehicles from the upcoming movie.
[MTV Geek: Star Trek Into Darkness Kre-Os]
Realm of the Underworld/FlexZors
Our buddies at Zoloworld just sent us two very cool teasers for the upcoming Realm of the Underworld Wave 3 ''Stygian Executioner'' Grym and the test-pull of the first FlexZors body sculpt.
[Realm of the Underworld Facebook Page]

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