Thursday, February 14, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 02/14/2013

In this week's In Other News... we bring you a couple of Podcasts, Doctor Who news, a few additional Toy Fair 2013 updates and more...

The Cult Film Club is in session, so stick a ferret down your pants in honor of the 80s muscletastic Beastmaster.
The Nerd Lunch Podcast this week focuses on live action kids' TV of yesteryear.

The Moderately Geeky Podcast this week focuses on the return of the 80s sci-fi show, Captain Power, plus there's a round-up of Star Wars news, Marvel movie rumors and more.
And over at the UnderScoopFIRE! Podcast, it's Kevin Smith week!

The Walking Dead
AMC is airing special editions of The Walking Dead's first season, starting tonight (6:30PM EST.) What's so special about them, you ask? They've been digitally recolored - or rather, un-colored - to produce a new series of black and white episodes, intended to evoke the look of the comic. So if you'd like a chance to see the show how - according to rumor - showrunner Frank Darabont wanted it to look, be sure to tune in tonight!

Doctor Who
It's been confirmed that the Mark Gatiss-penned third episode of the new Season of Doctor Who will feature the return of the Doctor's old enemies, The Ice Warriors, alongside special guest star David ''Tron/Star Trek V'' Warner.
JAKKS Pacific's 31'' Darth Vader Figure
No signs of any new SLUG figures from JAKKS Pacific but they did seem rather pleased with their upcoming 31'' tall (yes, 31'' tall) Darth Vader figure.
[USA Today]
IGN has a new series of photo portraits, introducing the characters in SyFy's upcoming post-invasion show/videogame/toaster pasty flavor, Defiance, featuring True Blood's Grant Bowler, Dexter's Julie Benz, Tony ''Doctor Who'' Curran and a near-unrecognizable - but still very saucy - Jaime ''Warehouse 13'' Murray.
Spy Monkey Creations Armory Remix
Spy Monkey Creations is launching a new colorway of their very cool, cross-series compatible accessories and weapons, coming your way this Monday (February 18th.)

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