Thursday, February 21, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 02/21/2013

In Other News... Some new Podcast goodness, JJ Abrams confirms a return in Star Trek Into Darkness and more!

Here's Episode #73 of the Nerd Lunch Podcast, this week featuring a Pirates of the Caribbean drill-down special.

Toys R Evil
Hugely influential toy blog Toys R Evil celebrates its EIGHTH birthday this week. Congratulations to Andy for not only having the dedication to keep the blog going for so long but for also making it so much fun and providing such inspiration to all your fellow toy bloggers.

Star Trek Into Darkness
J.J. Abrams has confirmed that everybody's favorite race of pasty-headed warriors, The Klingons, will indeed feature in the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness

Captain Action: The Animated Series
Here's our first look at one of the Captain's proteges from the in-development Captain Action animated series, along with a teaser for her fellow HIT Squad members.

More Star Wars Episode VII Casting Rumors
Mark Hamill may be dusting off his lightsaber for the upcoming Star Wars Sequels. According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor revealed that ''they're talking to us.'' But before you get too excited it's worth noting that as of yet nothing has been signed. Indeed, Hamill seems to even shed some doubt over the Harrison Ford rumors that had been circulating earlier, stating that he'd be quicker to sign up if he knew his original co-stars had done the same...

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