Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 02/26/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... a slew of Podcasts, indie toy news, awesome Lego creations, TV cancellations, Spidey's new costume and more!


Holy Broadcasts, Batman! The Retroist takes a look at the Adam West/Burt Ward Batman TV series.

Episode 53 of the AFB Podcast takes a look at the DC Bombshells line and chats with sculptor Tim Miller!

UnderScoopFIRE!'s 60th Podcast episode is a State of the Site/Show Address.

Geek Shall Inherit Episode 061 looks at the Toy Fair 2013, plus there's the usual round-up of nerd news.

Would you like some Articulated Monster Podcast goodness? Good. Because here's Episode #66.
Primeval: New World
The Canadian spin-off/remake of ITV's dino-romp Primeval, Primeval: New World, may not have aired in the US yet but according to Bleeding Cool, it's already been cancelled.
Dead Hand Toys
In a move that clearly recognizes our update schedule (or so we'd like to think), Dead Hand Toys is releasing a new batch of resin minifigures later today. Check out the full details on this six-piece release over at their website.
Marvel's The Watcher 2013 Episode 6

And, as we missed it last week, here's Episode 5, too.
Goodleg Toys' Tok-Sicko Mehiko
OK, so we missed out on the first wave, but our bootlegging buddies at Goodleg Toys have launched a new line of figures, dubbed Tok-Sicko Mehiko. Each pack features two, hand-cast, hand-painted figures representing the ultimate in bootleg badness. There's a single set left in the store but we're promised more soon.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume
Spidey is set to get a new - well, modified - look in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And here's our first sneak peek at it, courtesy of ComingSoon.net.

Warlords of Wor's Clawbber
Check out the test-pull of the upcoming Clawbber over at the Warlords of Wor Facebook page. You won't be disappointed.
80s Pop Culture.. In Lego
Topless Robot showcases the phenomenal work of Alexander ''OrionPax'' Jones, an artist working in Lego who recreates 80s Pop Culture icons such as the Ghostbusters fire station, an assortment of MASK and Transformers characters and even the 2015 Hill Valley square from Back to the Future II. Somebody at Lego needs to give this man a job.

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