Thursday, February 28, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 02/28/2013

In Other News... we've a bunch of Podcasts for your listening pleasure, more Amazing Spider-Man 2 news, Paranormal Activity 5's new gimmick and more.


Let's kick off with this week's Nerd Lunch Podcast, episode #74 for those keeping score...

Episode 54 of the AFB Podcast is a retro-restoration special, plus Newton Gimmick from Infinite Hollywood drops in for a chat!

Geek Shall Inherit Episode 062 is a round-up of the best - and worst - in pop culture, including The Walking Dead, TMNT reboot casting news and more!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
THR reports that Chris Cooper - of Syriana, American Beauty and, erm, The Muppets fame - has signed on to play Norman Osborn in the now-filming sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. It's not clear yet whether Osborn will appear as his anarchic alter-ego The Green Goblin or not, but given the movie is already set to feature Electro and Rhino adding a third villain into the mix may seem a step too far.
[The Hollywood Reporter]
Trash Pack Trashies
Our quasi-interest in the Trash Pack Trashies line has just been piqued. No, not because of the new Ultimate Fighting gimmick they've introduced but because one rather rare Trashy - purchased by a collector in the UK for 83p (that's just over a Dollar) has just sold on Ebay for over 1,296 GBP - that's almost $2,000 US. 
Paranormal Activity 5
Paranormal Activity 5 is on its way. But for those bored with all those parquet-floored houses and somnambulist, virgin-sacrificing aunties of EVIL, fear not: the producers of the bewilderingly successful movie series are planning to add a new spin on the material, courtesy of a 3D glasses-related gimmick that will allow the audience to choose to not see the movie's phantoms.

The concept is not new. The original 13 Ghosts featured this same gimmick by making use of the way early 3D movies used red and blue lenses to create their depth effects, so by closing one eye the viewer could ''block out'' the color channel of the ghosts, thus rendering them invisible. Although modern 3D movies use a different technique (and the source of the story, Bleeding Cool, has some ideas as to how this could work) the principle would remain the same, allowing audiences to choose whether they wish to experience the movie's full effect or just sit there loudly asking their equally idiotic friends, ''what's going on?'' before returning to texting their BFFs about how lame/awesome the movie is.
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
Criminally underrated animated comedy Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs has spawned a sequel. If you missed the original, check it out before the follow-up - the trailer for which you can see below - lands in theaters later this year.

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