Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NYTF 2013 - GI Joe

We kick off our New York Toy Fair 2013 coverage with one of our favorite lines, GI Joe. Click through to see what Hasbro has planned for the line, including new vehicles and the return of formerly-cancelled 30th Anniversary figures!

Hasbro seems to be giving GI Joe a new push - not surprising, given that GI Joe: Retaliation is about to hit theaters later this year - with a number of new figures and vehicles appearing on the floor, including the return of the previously-cancelled Kwinn and Data-Viper figures and the impressively-scaled Eaglehawk transporter helicopter. And it looks as if the fanbase's complaints about the limited articulation sported by the bundled vehicle drivers may have been addressed, as the Eaglehawk pilot Lift Ticket appears to have elbow and knee joints.

Check-out some of our favorite galleries:


The HISS Tank

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