Thursday, March 7, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 03/07/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... the latest Nerd Lunch Podcast, Iron Man 3 stuns the entire Internet, animated Doctor Who and more.


The Nerd Lunch Podcast Episode 75 sees the guys taking a ''What If...?'' approach to classic character rights.

Iron Man 3

Burger King's GI Joe: Retaliation-themed Meals
The deal is only available in Malaysia (right now...) but this ad was spotted by The HISS Tank and features an interesting cross-promotion between the fast food chain and the upcoming movie. Could we see a similar deal here in the US? And, better yet, some toys to go along with it?

Doctor Who shared this exclusive look at the upcoming restored version of the missing First Doctor adventure, The Tenth Planet, featuring an animated version of the sadly now-lost first ever Regeneration sequence. 

This newly restored edition of The Tenth Planet is set for a DVD release later this year.

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