Thursday, March 28, 2013

NEWS: War on Prehis Pre-Order Info

Goodleg Toys - purveyors of the awesome Wrestlers of the Universe figures - has announced the first pre-order details for their upcoming new line of toys, War on Prehis.

Over to Goodleg Toys' Luke Toywalker:

Yes! We’re finally there. After all these sleepless nights of tooling, molding, and improving, our first WAR ON PREHIS release will go on preorder on Good Friday, March 29th 2013!

WOP is a neo-vintage toyline, created in the spirit of classy Masters of the Universe knock-off lines such as Galaxy Heroes, Combo, and Defenders of the Planets. The background story is a popcultural exploitation cocktail, mixing all kinds of genres. Cyborgs, zombies, muscles, and prehistoric beasts - WOP has it all!

The 1st figure getting released is “Claw Drone”. Just like all Battle Drones, Claw Drones are insensible, dead human organisms, kept artificially alive by a synthetic life-support system. The Cyber Genetic Killer Battle Saurs are their masters, using them as weapons and tools in their daily bellum omnium contra omnes on post-apocalyptic Prehis.

With their gigantic protheses Claw Drones literally “cut” their way through the battle field. Once they make it through, they can easily chop off the legs of opposing Battle Saurs, irrespective of how strong the armor is. These Drones can cut through everything! 

Claw Drone will be available both painted and blank, coming bagged with header. The special preorder prices are gonna be $48 painted, and $38 blank at the Goodleg store. Preorder ends April 29th. The regular selling prices will be $50 and $40 a figure then.

A limited supply of Claw Drones will also be available at UK ToyCon, and the R.A.D. Toys Are Us Show in Rockford. Once preorder started, we also gonna get some giveaway contests going. AND we’re also planning to do a toy commercial!

To make sure not to miss any updates, you can give our official WOP fb fan page or company page a like:, Or follow us on twitter and storenvy:,

Be prepared for some cool stuff to go down!

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