Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NEWS: A Personal Update

As some of you may be aware, we took a break from posting recently when I discovered that my dad had suffered a stroke.

His condition has improved steadily over the course of the last couple of weeks to the point where he's been released from hospital and is now at home. And although it's still very early days, he's remaining very positive and it looks as if he's going to make a strong recovery.

I also just wanted to express my gratitude for all the kind messages of support posted here and at our Facebook page, which I'll be passing on to my dad next time we speak.

Now back to the fun stuff!




  1. Good news, I wish him a speedy recovery! I hope you and your family can start to relax a bit more now as well... :)

    1. Thanks. He's certainly doing a lot better than he was just a week ago. And yes, it's a huge relief to know he's past the worst and on his way to a strong recovery.


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