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IN OTHER NEWS... 05/07/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... The Crow finds its new Eric Draven, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra scribes take legal action, a podcast or two for you to enjoy, Red Letter Media take a video gamble, new TV spots for Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, plus trailers for Viking flick Hammer of the Gods, a double-dose of new zombie flicks in [REC4] and Detention of the Dead and more!

Today we've a couple of podcasts for your listening pleasure, with the AFB Podcast looking at the Marvel Select Rhino figure, along with a discussion about female action figures and over at the AMP, talk turns to videogaming, specifically Bioshock Infinite.

Doctor Who
Here's the ''Next Time...'' trailer for this Saturday's Cybermen-centric, Neil Gaiman-penned episode, Nightmare in Silver.

Detention of the Dead
For whatever reason, today's updates have taken on a decidedly undead theme, so we'll continue with this trailer for the upcoming RomZomCom Detention of the Dead. Which, frankly, looks utterly abysmal. But hey, calling one of your characters ''Ash'' and setting it in the Savini Library is funny, right? Because you know, reference!

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra/Retaliation
According to Deadline, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra scribes David Elliot and Paul Lovett are suing MGM and Paramount, claiming that the similarities between the sequel they pitched (which was subsequently turned-down) and the final GI Joe: Retaliation movie are too numerous to be coincidental, citing 50 plot points included in both as evidence of their pitch being used as the basis for the sequel. You can read Bleeding Cool's analysis here and original Deadline story - along with the writers' full complaint - at the link below.
The Crow
Despite each sequel essentially being a reboot or reimagining, 1994's supernatural action flick The Crow is to get a ''real'' remake at the hands of Spanish writer-director F. Javier GutiĆ©rrez. Now it's been announced that Luke Evans (The Three Musketeers, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) will be donning the face paint of tragic anti-hero Eric Draven in this new take on James O'Barr's tale of revenge from beyond the grave. Read what Evans had to say about the role over at ComicBookMovie.com.
After taking a detour in style and story with [REC3] it looks like we're going back to basics with the upcoming fourth installment in the supernatural zombie series. Be warned that the above trailer not only includes scenes of gore and frightening images but also spoilers for [REC] and [REC2].

Hammer of the Gods
Here's the Red Band trailer for upcoming Viking action flick, Hammer of the Gods and, as such, be warned that this trailer contains scenes of violence and gore.

Iron Man 3/Man of Steel
Here's the latest TV spots for Marvel's Iron Man 3 (which I hear is proving quite popular with audiences) and the upcoming Man of Steel from DC.

Marvel's The Watcher 2013

Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst: The Wheel of The Worst
The RLM crew take a break from movie critiques and Mr Plinkett to bring us the latest installment in their so-bad-they're-good discussion series, Best of the Worst, where this time around an assortment of randomly-selected instructional videos get the panel treatment.

Warning: This video contains adult language and humor plus haggard babies.

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