Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It seems JAKKS Pacific has officially cancelled the SLUG Zombies line of figures.

Making their debut at last year's New York Toy Fair, the SLUG Zombies - that's Scary Little Ugly Guys - were JAKKS Pacific's homage to such classic minifigures as Monster in my Pocket and MUSCLE. Intended to be the first of many SLUG lines, with SLUG Aliens, SLUG Monsters and more sub-divisions planned, the SLUG Zombies combined Garbage Pail Kids-style gross-out humor with pop culture parodies, all rendered with a level of detail that became a hallmark of the line.
Although over 100 figures were announced, set to be released over 10 Waves, JAKKS Pacific only released around half this number, spread over four Waves of blind-boxed singles, 3-packs and 12-packs, before releasing the 2012 Holiday Specials.

Unfortunately the figures did not find a wide enough audience and shortly after their release the Holiday Special figures - quickly followed by the previous waves - were found in numerous stores at vastly discounted prices. When the SLUG Zombies entry disappeared from JAKKS Pacific's website, shortly after which the product-specific website went down for ''maintenance,'' collectors began to speculate that JAKKS Pacific had indeed cancelled the line. However, a ray of hope appeared when Entertainment Earth added listings for the final five waves of figures, alongside the long-rumored carrying cases.

Unfortunately Entertainment Earth has announced that these upcoming releases have now been officially cancelled by JAKKS Pacific.

Whether JAKKS Pacific has completely abandoned the SLUG concept and if we will indeed see the promised Aliens and Monsters sets remains to be seen, although given the undeservedly lackluster sales the Zombie figures generated, it seems doubtful.


  1. that blows, such a fun line

    1. Yup. As I say, maybe we'll see some monster or alien SLUGS further down the line, although I'm not holding out much hope.

      Anyway, our plan is to get all the released figures (and the preview figures we have that will no longer get an official release) Reviewed and in our listings by way of tribute to the line.


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