Thursday, August 8, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 08/08/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... It's a Marvel-centric update, with a new Thor: The Dark World trailer, two Agents of SHIELD mini-features, Marvel's The Watcher and more!

Thor: The Dark World

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Two mini-features/teasers popped-up this week, with Agent Coulson himself introducing the concept and then a team-centric promo focusing on hacker Skye.

Avengers Assemble Cosmic Strike Red Skull Review
Jason at Come, See Toys brings us his review of the new Avengers Assemble Cosmic Strike Red Skull. Although a re-issue of the average-to-OK Captain America: The First Avenger figure (see our Review here) the figure is an improvement over that release thanks to an improved paint job and some very cool-looking accessories (as you can see below.)

Marvel's The Watcher 2013

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