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IN OTHER NEWS... 08/27/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... A sneak peek of next season's The Walking Dead, 12 Monkeys: The Series, our first look at Not The Hunger Games At All, Divergent, Heroes of Cosplay and Face Off get the preview treatment ahead of new episodes tonight, plus the new teaser poster for the poster for Space Cop!

Space Cop
Here's the trailer for the teaser poster for the poster for Space Cop, the upcoming feature from Red Letter Media. As with most of RLM's content, be warned that this is unsuitable for children and features cursing, adult humor and Mike's hair being really weird...

The Walking Dead
Here's our first look at Season 4 of The Walking Dead, which sees Michonne doing stuff and zombies and... the other... yeah... Rumors that something significant might actually happen this season have yet to be confirmed...

If it wasn't bad enough having to deal with teenagers who think they're ''special'' now we've got this to contend with. Just go and watch The Prisoner instead.

Heroes of Cosplay/Face Off
Here's a look ahead at tonight's double-whammy of terrific transformations, with Face Off at 9PM EST followed by the latest episode of Heroes of Cosplay at 10 on SyFy.

12 Monkeys
Sticking with SyFy, the channel has ordered a pilot of their TV series adaptation of Terry Gilliam's time-travel drama, 12 Monkeys. Here's the press release:

NEW YORK – August 26, 2013 – Syfy is greenlighting 12 Monkeys, a drama series based on the 1995 Universal Pictures film directed by Terry Gilliam, to pilot.  The 60-minute cast-contingent pilot is being produced by Universal Cable Productions and Atlas Entertainment, producer of the original Bruce Willis-Brad Pitt theatrical. 
Based on the classic hit film, 12 Monkeys follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will eventually decimate the human race. 
Production is set to begin in November with Terry Matalas & Travis Fickett (Terra Nova, Nikita), who wrote the pilot script, serving as Co-Executive Producers. Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven (American Hustle, Man of Steel,The Dark Knight Trilogy) and Richard Suckle (American HustleThe International), will Executive Produce. Roven produced the original film.
Terry Matalas & Travis Fickett are represented by Manager Brian Lutz.
About Atlas Entertainment
Atlas Entertainment, led by founder Charles Roven, produces blockbuster films as well as critically acclaimed independent features, Atlas Entertainment's films have generated billions of dollars in revenues. David O. Russell'sAmerican Hustle is in post-production with Atlas Entertainment and will be released on December 13, 2013. Additionally, Atlas Entertainment is in pre-production for the highly anticipated feature film Warcraft from Legendary Pictures which is scheduled to commence in early 2014 and will be directed by Duncan Jones. Roven recently produced the worldwide box office hit, the Zack Snyder directed, Man of Steel and served as a producer on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, which have collectively earned over $2.5 billion at the worldwide box office. Upcoming, Roven will produce the Batman / Superman feature for Warner Bros. The film will also be directed by Zack Snyder with production expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date of July 17, 2015.
About Universal Cable Productions
Universal Cable Productions creates innovative and critically acclaimed original scripted and digital content across multiple media platforms and outlets for domestic and international distribution. UCP produces Covert Affairs,Playing HousePsychRoyal Pains and Suits for USA; Defiance, and Warehouse 13 for Syfy and Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome for distribution on Machinima Prime/YouTube, Syfy and DVD/Blu-Ray. Universal Cable Productions is a division of NBCUniversal.
About Syfy
Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com), and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. (Syfy. Imagine greater.)


It's interesting to note the press release makes no reference to the movie that inspired 12 Monkeys (La Jetee - be sure to switch on the captions for English subs) or that SyFy already airs an excellent time travel drama in the form of Continuum.

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