Thursday, August 29, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 08/28/2013

IN OTHER NEWS... The Continuum finale, The CW showcases the returning Arrow and Brit-classic remake The Tomorrow People, another Agents of SHIELD preview, Fred Olen Ray's latest project, a couple of pretty awesome Podcasting milestones and more!

Here's a look at tomorrow's episode - which also happens to be the season finale. But don't worry - SyFy has announced it will be airing Season 3 next year.

Fred Olen Ray, the writer-director-producer behind such awesome cult classics as Super Shark (which is, by the way, a million times better than Sharknado), Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and The Alien Dead is looking to fund a new short horror-romance-drama, Spidora. And now you can help. Here's the Kickstarter video where he explains all (be warned this video contains violence, gore and some brief/mild nudity.)

Age of Dinosaurs
Jurassic Park gets the off-brand treatment courtesy of The Asylum in tonight's  Age of Dinosaurs, a charming coming of age story set against the backdrop of 1930s Arkansas.
Age of Dinosaurs airs tonight at 9PM EST on SyFy.

NBC finally gives some support to one of the best genre TV shows airing right now with - yes! - a video preview of Monday's episode - which, obviously, contains minor spoilers. So if you haven't been keeping up with Siberia, do yourself a favor and head over to the Siberia page at And once you're hooked but sure to let NBC know we want a second season - the ''official'' hashtag is #SiberiaSeason2.

Here's the new banner - along with the airdate for Season 2's premiere episode - courtesy of The CW.
The Tomorrow People
And sticking with The CW, here's their remake of the camp classic British sci-fi show, The Tomorrow People, receiving the same cool new banner treatment. But wait! There's also a video preview for you to enjoy!

Our favorite video-based reviewer Pixel Dan has teamed up with ShartimusPrime and Sean Long to create a new podcast, The Collector Connection. Check out their first LIVE episode below and be sure to tune-in this Monday for more!

And as one Podcast is born, another comes of age! The guys at the Nerd Lunch Podcast celebrated their ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE. And here it is. Congratulations guys. Enjoy your break!

Agents of SHIELD

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