Tuesday, September 10, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 09/10/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... a bunch of movies get reboots!

David Cronenberg's sexy zombie film (and yes, it's as unsexy and horrifying as it sounds) Shivers is to get the makeover treatment. Deadline reports that Danish filmmaker Rie Rasmussen is to helm the update to the 1970s shocker, which saw the residents of a Canadian apartment building infected with parasites that turned them into violent, sex-crazed lunatics. The remake will be a new, modern take on the original plot:

The new Shivers will be updated for today’s social and sexual realities. In a post-HIV world, where people interact through screens rather than skin, the parasite breaks down those digital barriers. This is a world that is both more liberated than that of 1975, and more fearful and uptight.

There's certainly some interesting talent associated with the movie but in all honesty, is it a movie that needs a remake?
According to Bleeding Cool - who in turn got their tip from Latino Review - the CW has narrowed its search for the actor to fill the red and gold of The Flash down to three actors, two of which whose names have been released. I have to admit I'm not familiar with either James MacKay or Matt Barr but what's most interesting is of course that the actor chosen for the role will be headlining next year in CW's spin-off show, featuring The Flash.
Max Steel
Mattel's Max Steel is headed for the big screen in a live-action adaptation of the cartoon of the toy line of the concept borrowed from  Bio Booster Armor Guyver.

There's no word yet on a cast or what we can expect to see in the movie, beyond the fact that it will contain the same mix of action, excitement and humor from the animated series. According to Licensing.biz, however, the movie is set for a Fourth Quarter release in 2014, so they'd better get a move on...
The Tractate Middoth
Mark Gatiss' adaptation of M.R. James' classic The Tractate Middoth has added two cult stars to its cast.

Una Stubbs - perhaps best known for her work on Give Us a Clue and Sherlock - will star alongside Doctor Who's Louise Jameson in the 30 minute adaptation, set to air later this year as part of what will hopefully be a revival of the BBC's Ghost Story for Christmas series.

There's no word yet on when or even if BBC America will air The Tractate Middoth but we're hoping the Sherlock/Who connections will be enough to make somebody in programming sit up and take note...
Game of Thrones
Sticking with Mark Gatiss for a moment, HBO has revealed the actor will be playing the role of Tycho Nestoris in the upcoming fourth season of their book-to-screen adaptation. Interestingly, Tycho Nestoris - who represents the Iron Bank, a financial organization fans may recall Tyrion spoke of earlier in the series - doesn't appear in the books until the fifth installment, so his presence in Season 4 indicates that the writers may once again be making some changes to the plot to better suit the medium of television.
Face Off
Here's a sneak peek of tonight's episode (9PM EST, SyFy), in which contestants must create their own ''Earth Goddess''-themed characters. 

Heroes of Cosplay
And remember to stick around for the first of a two-part special Heroes of Cosplay at 10PM EST.

The Fall Guy
Dwayne '"The Rock'' Johnson is set to step into the outside bathtub of legendary stuntman and bounty hunter, Colt Seavers, in the upcoming remake of the 80s action drama The Fall Guy.

The original starred a post-Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors as a Hollywood stuntman who supplemented his income by working as a bounty hunter. Joined by uptight cousin Howie (played by Douglas Barr) and fellow stunt performer, Jody (Heather ''Not Locklear'' Thomas), most of Colt's cases would revolve around car chases, footage of stunts from other movies and the sort of nobody-really-gets-hurt-fighting so typical of 80s TV shows. Now The Hollywood Reporter brings us the news that Colt - or at least, the show's concept - is coming out of retirement with Charlie's Angels director McG and GI Joe: Retaliation's Dwayne Johnson at the helm and starring in respectively a new version of the ''classic'' show.

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