Thursday, September 12, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 09/12/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... SyFy is at it again with a new movie monster, the BBC releases details of the Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary celebrations, the Siberia finale sneak-peek and more!

Siberia's finale airs on Monday, with the contestants finally re-united just in time to be rescued. But are they merely trading one horror for another? Find out on Monday 10PM EST on NBC. 
And don't forget to show your support for a second season on Twitter using the hashtag #SiberiaSeason2.

There's a new guy in town. His name's RoboCroc.

SyFy's Original Movies return on their regular Saturday night slot with RoboCroc, airing this Saturday at 9PM EST.

Doctor Who
The BBC has announced what our friends over the Pond (ha!) will be enjoying for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, including the docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time, plus a cross-channel series of interviews, behind-the-scenes shows and more. No word yet on which (if any) of these celebratory specials we'll be seeing in the US but given that BBC America is taking part in the 50th Anniversary episode - which is to be entitled The Day of the Doctor - simulcast we can but hope they'll be airing at least some of them. Until we know more, here's the newly-released poster for the episode.
JJ Abram's The Stranger (Update)
We covered this one a while ago but a new trailer for JJ Abrams' new, mystery project has arrived, which gives us a little more insight into what we can expect and just what format this project will take.

According to EW - via io9 - the teaser is for the upcoming multi-media novella S, conceived by Abrams and penned by Doug Dorst. An investigation into the works of a fictitious writer, the novella will come shrink-wrapped. Why? Remember the whole ''multi-media'' part? That's right: the book is set to include an assortment of loose ''props'' such as napkins, newspaper clippings and more.

Thematically I'm reminded of Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves for some reason (which if you haven't read it you should, as it's superb) but the addition of the props could either be a brilliant move or just a cheap gimmick. We'll have to wait and see...

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