Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NEWS: Realm of the Underworld Wave 2 Update

ZoloWorld - creators of the super-awesome retro-action Realm of the Underworld figure line - posted a brief update regarding the line's second Wave (along with a few other cool tidbits). Details after the jump.

WAVE 2 UPDATE: There was a slight delay originally due to the two garb syle clothing on Archterrus, which has now been resolved. We have been working around the clock finilizing each of the figures I.E. proper accessories, card stock, blisters, shipping carton sizes and skus ect. The figures finished production weeks ago, but these details that are critical to the end product and must be correct before a single figure leaves. There were a few points that were addressed out of WAVE 1 that we also wanted to correct. Now, The skull staff (accessory) has been revised to fit any of the Skeletons hands. The tooling has been revised to allow ease of interchangeability between figures. The heads are softer for easy removal. We are happy to announce that the figures are ready to ship now and we are hoping to do a final approval within the week before we put them on a container to ship out. We appreciate everyones patience and support. You will be having your figures very soon. We are specially flying out a few final figures to Power-Con for all to see. We will have the Variant KRY-SIS at Power Con as the convention exclusive. He is EXTREMELY limited. We will only have a handfull at the show, so be sure to grab him first thing before he sells out! We will also have Art Print Posters of "ESCAPE FROM THE UNDERWORLD" - art by Scott West. These will also be very limited as well. Again, thanks so much for the great feedback, support and patience. Without you... This adventure would never be complete.

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