Tuesday, October 22, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 10/22/2013

And IN OTHER NEWS... a look ahead at tonight's Face Off, the new Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer (and it's epic), a look ahead at upcoming episodes of Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and The Tomrrow People and more!

Doctor Who
It's a little CGI-licious (or ''stylized'' if you prefer) but here's the new, generation-spanning trailer for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Episode, The Day of the Doctor.

Face Off
Tonight's episode (9PM EST, SyFy) sees the contestants creating their own Dark Elf warriors. I wonder which upcoming Marvel flick will be ''presenting'' that challenge then...

Yeah, Agents of SHIELD may be fun and all but the cool kids are all watching Arrow (Wednesday, 8PM EST, The CW). And if you're not, then maybe this preview of Wednesday's episode, Broken Dolls, will change your mind.

The more fun to watch that it really should be ''reality'' show Fangasm comes to an end tonight with a double-dose of dorkdom. First the guys meet (and then promptly offend) Elvira before going for a LARP in the park, followed by the season finale (and probably series finale - I get the impression the show hasn't been a huge hit) in which we learn which of the interns will get to stick around for a full-time job and watch an assortment of sort-of-look-a-likes awkwardly pretend to not be embarrassed.

The two-episode special event finale begins tonight at 11PM EST, on SyFy.

The Tomorrow People
The Tomorrow People may be paradoxically rough around the edges yet fluff, but Arrow sets a strong lead-in to a show that makes for a cool evening's telefantasy viewing and - more importantly - a show that could well grow into a surprise hit, given time. So if you're watching Arrow (and you should be) you could do a lot worse than stick around for another hour and give The Tomorrow People a look. Anyway, here's what's coming up in this Wednesday's episode (airing on The CW, 9PM EST.)

Agents of SHIELD
Here's a preview of tonight's episode, The Girl in the Flower Dress. (8PM EST, on ABC) - and stick around, as the graphic suggests, for The Goldbergs. It's great.

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