Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SITE NEWS: And... We're Back!

Following our earlier extended hiatus, That Figures is back. But with a little twist...

As I'm sure regular visitors will know, in the past we would strive to post at least four updates per day on a twice-weekly basis. Unfortunately writing articles, taking photographs and scouring the Internet for news to share is a pretty time consuming - and, I hate to say it, laborious - task, which, now I look back, is the real reason why I put the site on hiatus.

Therefore, to avoid such burnout in the future, That Figures is moving to an irregular, as-and-when posting schedule. I apologize in advance to those visitors who come here on our normally scheduled update days but hopefully you'll appreciate the quality over quantity approach we're adopting, as our plan is to post more original material than simply post numerous links to offsite content. I feel this is a compromise that means I'm still engaged and interested in posting and you, the visitor, will still get a better - albeit semi-regular - experience at That Figures (because I know you've all missed us so much!)

Thanks! And here's to a fun, toy-filled 2014!


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