Tuesday, March 25, 2014

AFFILIATE LINK: Giant Godzilla 2014 Action Figure

I'm sure we've all seen those oversized Darth Vader and Power Rangers figures in our local stores and thought ''yeah, they're nice... but... why?'' Well now here comes a figure that most definitely deserves to appear in giant format: the King of the Kaiju, Godzilla.

Based upon the terrifying titan's look in the upcoming US reboot/remake Godzilla, the figure stands at 24'' tall and features twelve points of articulation - including three in his tail! This figure is going to prove hugely popular with fans of the gorilla-whale but also collectors of Kaiju and movie monsters, so to avoid paying a monster-sized price on Ebay a few months from now, you can pre-order your 24'' Godzilla right now!

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