Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NEWS: Bio-Masters

Fans of Glyos-compatible figures will be pleased to hear another new line of toys is heading your way!

Dubbed the ''Bio-Masters'' this new line comes to us from the hugely talented pbussey of Monsters and Junk. Details are still sketchy at the moment but when you know Marty ''GodBeast'' Hansen is collaborating that you're in for something special. Judge for yourself from these early preview/sneak-peek images, which seem to show a more alien/organic style of figure than those we're used to seeing from Onell Design.

You can learn more over at the Bio-Masters Facebook Page.


  1. Mystery! I bet these will be so cool.

    1. I know! They look very cool. And of course they're Glyos-compatible, which is awesome!


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