Thursday, July 10, 2014

KICKSTARTER: Sleepy Robot 13's ''Nuts, Bolts & The 90s'' An Art Show

Sleepy Robot 13 - the indie toy company behind the super-cute line of hand-made robot figures - has just launched a new Kickstarter drive to help fund a new art show featuring an assortment of pop culture-inspired robots. And this is where you come in...

Sleepy Robot 13's Lisastarchild is offering a number of unique pieces in return for assistance with funding this project. So if ever you've wanted to get your hands on one (or more) of her awesomely-cute robots, now's your chance - and in the process you can also help fund her exhibit!

2014 marks Sleepy Robot 13's 5 year anniversary. In honor of this I have partnered with Breakneck art gallery to bring "Nuts, Bolts & The 90s" to life. This will be a one night only solo exhibition of individually hand sculpted 90s pop culture inspired robot figurines and art pieces.

In 2013 Breakneck gallery hosted my 1st solo exhibit "Do You Even Robot?" which featured 117 one of a kind/limited edition original and pop culture themed robot figurines and prints.

My goal is to step things up this time and to create 200+ one of a kind pieces for the show celebrating all things 90s.

You can see more of Lisastarchild's work, learn more about the show and contribute to the fundraising campaign over at the Nuts, Bolts & The 90s: An Art Show Kickstarter Page.

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