Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NEWS: McFarlane Toys Announce Walking Dead Construction Sets

For a while, it seemed like zombie fans who enjoy construction toys only had a single place to get their undead-brick kicks (namely Mega Bloks' Call of Duty zombies.) But all that looks as if it's about to change, as McFarlane Toys has announced a new line of licensed Walking Dead sets.

“I want to get it out of the bedroom. I want it to be a piece of art,'' said McFarlane Toys' Todd McFarlane and from the images below, it certainly looks like he's achieved that end, although to me, personally, these sets remind me more of plastic model kit assemblies, rather than construct-and-re-build sets. Which is no bad thing but I'm not entirely sure how well they'll work alongside other brick sets (and yes, they are ''compatible with all major construction sets'' as the usual box blurb goes.)

As well as an assortment of scenes and characters that will be familiar to fans of the show, the line-up is also set to include a series of blind-bag minifigures, which McFarlane states will clearly indicate whether the figure within is human or zombie. “I don’t want to frustrate people who want to build a zombie hoard that they keep tripping over humans and go, ‘Gosh darnit this is my 15th sheriff,' '' he explained.
Although designed as ''art,'' the sets will be relatively inexpensive, with the figures hitting the $3 mark and construction sets ranging from around $10-$50, the only exception being the line's Crown Jewel, the Prison Tower (see below) which will come in at around $65. 
Expect to see more of these cool-looking sets at this year's SDCC, ahead of their Toys R Us-exclusive release in October.

Thanks to MTV.com for the original spot.

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