Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NEWS: New Glyos Drop Announced

Glyos fans rejoice! A new drop is heading our way!

Things have been a little quiet around these parts this month, but the gears have still been steadily turning! A small release is planned for Sunday, October 26th, at 9:30PM EST. The previously set assortment of things has been slightly shuffled, and the new Armorvors will not be surfacing until late November/early December. The new head has been a stubborn little bugger, and I'm looking forward to sharing the process of its creation with you here on the blog.

The main focus of next Sunday's wave is a particular version of Sarvos that's been on deck for a bit. Back when the first Custom Corps rolled out, lots of unique characters were created for the project, and one of my personal favorites was a figure combination called Tracker Sarvos. Tracker had a bulked up right arm that was outfitted with Phase Arm parts, and featured a red, grey and black color selection (paying homage to Matt Trakker of M.A.S.K.). It was tough for me to let that little guy out into the wild, because I had carried it around with me (like dozens of future CCs) and had lots of fun going on various adventures, developing the character's personality. I imagined this Tracker Sarvos as something of a lone wolf, called in to deal with the strange and unexplained. Part Mulder and part Clint Eastwood with a dash of Kwai Chang Caine.

Now, after thinking about making Tracker Sarvos again since back in the CC days, we will be releasing a full production version. The specific colors are set up to connect directly with the Crayhunter and Rig Crew waves, and the color swapping between all of the assortments is pretty fun if you enjoy customizing your stuff. The final wave of 2014 (late November/early December) will also build on the recent assortments, and allow for a very Real Type end to the year. 

Additionally, to celebrate the Fall season and cause Tracker Sarvos some trouble, some Halloween inspired Crayboth are set to invade on Sunday as well! The full list will go up later this week, with pics starting tomorrow. A few small surprises are also in store!

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