Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AFFILIATE LINK: GI Joe Renegades Action Figure 4-Pack

  • Formerly a retailer exclusive! 
  • Includes 2 heroes and 2 villains for epic Joe battles!
  • Get Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and a red Cobra Ninja Viper with weapons, display stands, and exceptional articulation!
  • With all these ninjas, you too can take a stab at protecting - or conquering - the world as we know it!
The G.I. Joe Renegades Pack Action Figures is a gift set you can''t afford to miss! 4 figures from the beloved G.I. Joe Renegades cartoon are packaged here with enough gear to start - or prevent - a war. Each 3 3/4-inch action figure features bladed weapons, guns, and other gear to help them accomplish any mission. This includes a group of display stands, clearly the best accessory for the mission of desk-based combat! Ages 4 and up.

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