Monday, January 5, 2015

NEWS: BigManToys' Day of the Slug

If you're a fan of BigManToys - and if you're not, then what's wrong with you? - you'll be pleased to hear there's a new line of minifigures heading our way... tonight!

The new line - dubbed the Day of the Slug - will feature sixteen icky, ooky mollus-themed figures, with four figures per wave. Wave 1 is set for release tonight, with the other three waves coming later this year.

"Intelligent slugs are not new to Earth. They're just small enough for us to not know about them. From the telekinetic deep sea nudibranch elders, to the hard-mantled terrestrial gastropod mollusc, their secrets are finally revealed - forcing them out into the open to live alongside, or battle mankind!!"
Head over to the BigManToys Store for details and be sure to stay connected to this - and other upcoming projects - by checking out their Facebook Page.

BigManToys Store
BigManToys Facebook Page

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