Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NEWS: Imaginext - Ghost Pirates, Solomon Grundy and More!

Fisher-Price recently revealed a number of new additions to their excellent Imaginext sub-lines. Wanna see them? Then follow the link and we'll see you after the jump!

First up, the Pirates line is getting the ghostly treatment! That's right, after skeletal pirates and steampunk pirates, the next - obvious - evolution is ghost pirates!

Pirate and Ghost Octopus
As ever, there are a few sets available across a variety of price points, with the Pirate and Ghost Octopus set being the entry-level set, retailing at around $8.
For that you get a pirate (with very cool transparent parts) and a mechanized Ghost Octopus, featuring tentacles that ''spin'' when it's pushed across a flat surface!

Ghost Ship
Hitting at the $15 mark is the Ghost Ship. Again, the set features a phantom pirate but the ship itself appears to be a ghostly galleon, featuring spectral, skeletal hands and a grappling hook to draw the unwary into its grasp!
Oh and there's also a ghost crab. ''Ghost Crab'' may well be my new favorite expression...

As ever, it appears the Ghost Ship is packed with play features and sports a fantastically phantasmal design. I'll certainly be looking out for this one...

Ghost Pirate Island
Finally, for the ludicrously low price of $20, comes the Ghost Pirate Island playset.
Again, the set features a spectral pirate and the same ''ghastly green'' phantasmal pieces, this time representing the hull of a wrecked ship, plus a very cool ghost crocodile! There's also a pop-out cannon (above, right), a secret tunnel and a hidden treasure piece to be secreted upon the island. 
Set sail for spectral adventure!

DC Super Friends
If ghostly pirates aren't your thing, why not try  the DC Super Friends line? As ever, the range includes a mix of heroes and villains, with both new figures and villains making their debut.

Solomon Grundy
One of the great things about the Imaginext Super Friends line is the way they incorporate some of DC's more obscure and unusual characters. And Solomon Grundy certainly checks both those boxes!
At around $15, Solomon Grundy may appear a little on the expensive side, given he's just a stand-alone figure, but upon closer inspection you'll see he's not only an oversize character but he also sports a ''smash and bash'' action feature. And when you consider the parts used here appear completely bespoke (meaning we get the best-looking figure possible) you begin to see why his price tag is a little higher than the regular figures in the line.

Captain Cold & Ice Cannon
Fans of The CW's The Flash will no doubt be thrilled to see Captain Cold joining the line-up. As well as sporting his classic parka look, Captain Cold comes with his hand-held ice blaster, plus the set's giant Ice Cannon - which, at the press of a button, will launch a giant snowball at his enemies!
The figure and weapon set will retail for around the $8 mark.

Heat Blast Batman
Sadly, it appears that Batman has stolen Heatwave's technology - and place in the line-up - with this new Caped Crusader-themed set, the Heat Blast Batman. Although the blurb states that Batman designed this set to combat icy villains like The Penguin and Mr Freeze, you know it's going to go head-to-head with the aforementioned Captain Cold in most playrooms...
Again, the set features a launching missile, plus the Batman figure comes with a removable protective cowl. Expect to pay around $8 for this set.

The Riddler Hot Rod
Edward Nigma goes all Fast and the Furious with this tricked-out ride. ''Tricked' being the key phrase here, as the Hot Rod sports a variety of neat play features, including launching weapons, pop-up engine and extending bumper.
 At $8 for the Riddler AND a feature-packed vehicle, this is definitely a must-have for fans of the line!

The Penguin Copter
The Riddler isn't the only villain with a new ride - check out this very cool Penguin Copter!
The $15 set includes The Penguin, plus his very cool, classic Batman-style copter, with closing canopy, spinning umbrella rotors (activated at the pull of a trigger) and a launching cannon.

Rescue City
The Imaginext Rescue City line isn't really one I have much experience with (I tend to go more for monsters, mythology and sci-fi in my toy buying) but I have to admit some of these new sets caught my eye. It appears the new sub-theme is ''fire fighters,'' as the new sets focus on emergency vehicles and firemen.

City Airport Firefighters
The opener for this set is the $8, two-figure City Airport Firefighter set. As well as featuring two firefighters (with removable protective gear), the set also includes firefighting accessories, including a working water sprayer. Which, no doubt, also works on siblings.

City Firefighting Buggy
This super-futuristic Firefighting Buggy really caught my eye. I'm not normally a fan of ''everyday'' toys but the design and engineering of this set is just too good to pass up.
I'm a big fan of ''multi-functional pieces'' so the idea that the various firefighting tools - including a water cannon and chainsaw - can be both attached to the vehicle and used by the firefighter himself (and who, by the way, comes with removable protective gear) really appeals. Plus the look of this thing is just so cool that with a bit of retooling and a new pilot, it would make an excellent space vehicle. My only minor gripe is that there's not a second figure included to man the roof-mounted cannon but considering the set is only $15 (and there are ''loose'' firefighters available in the set mentioned above) it's not that big a deal.

City Firefighting Boat
At the top of the scale (and yet still retailing at an incredibly low $20) is the Firefighting Boat.
As well as being packed with play features (including a real water cannon plus two projectile launchers and a side-mounted grabbing claw) the set also includes a firefighter with accessories and even an emergency launch jet-ski!

I also wouldn't be surprised if it floated...

Fans of the Castle line will be pleased to see a couple of new additions to the line-up. It appears that this time around, Imaginext is taking its cues from Middle Earth (or LEGO...) by adding Elves to the world of Castle...

Warrior Suit
The Warrior Suit appears like some weird medieval version of the Alpha Exosuit, constructed from wood and powered by magic. 
The woodland totem look is very cool and I like that the bow is a stow-able weapon (and that it also can be fired at your playmates!) And as you can see if you look closely, the included figure is of Elvish origin, with his forest green livery and, yes, pointed ears. Again, you're looking at around an $8 price tag on this one.

Siege Engine
Like the Warrior suit, the Siege Engine is another set featuring Elves and Elvish designs. 
The ''wood and leaf'' aesthetic is a really neat touch but it's not just a pretty face. The set also includes a few neat features, including a raising platform and hidden disc launcher! And that figure's armor is amazing.

This set is already in stores, retailing at around $16.

Shark and Sniper with Tank
Finally there's the Shark and Sniper with Tank set. I've no idea which line this belongs to (it's not categorized on the Imaginext site) but it looks like it would be right at home in your DC adventure or space-based play sessions!
For $20, this is an activity-packed vehicle, sporting a variety of really cool features such as launching discs, moving pincers and side panels that change color when the driver is seated within. Not only that but it comes with two figures, which is very cool.

And is it just me, or is there a major Micronauts Aliens vibe to this thing? The combination of machine and creature looks like it would have been right at home with the Hornetroid and Terraphant... 

As you can imagine, we'll be picking up a few of these toys as they hit retail, so be sure to check back for our Reviews as and when we find them!


  1. Now those ghost pirates are cool. I'm so tired of fighting skeleton pirates.

    1. I still need a couple of the skeleton pirates.. But yeah, they do look cool. I've a feeling the Ghost Ship will be a rare one at retail, as everybody will be snapping it up!

  2. It just gets better and better for this line.

    1. I couldn't agree more. Seriously, if you're a toy fan and you're not collecting Imaginext, you're really missing out. These toys are just so much fun and there are so many great homages to classic toy lines.

  3. Still no Cheetah? :( Wonder Woman's villains always get the shaft.

    1. Apparently not. Here's hoping with the Collectible Figures introducing some females that somebody at Imaginext will realize there's a market for female figures...


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