Wednesday, February 18, 2015

IN OTHER NEWS... 02/18/2015

Podcasts! Arrow! The 100! Barbie! Imaginext Power Ranges! Find it all in today's IN OTHER NEWS...!

Here's the preview of tonight's episode, ''The Return.''
The BBC reports that a new line of Barbie dolls will be Internet-enabled, meaning they can have 2-way conversations with children. Brace yourself for the hysterical headlines that are sure to follow when the less tech-savvy hear about this (my money's on ''Online Perverts Use Barbie Dolls to Talk to Your Children...'')
And here's a round-up of the latest Podcasts!

Imaginext Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Fisher-Price is partnering with Saban International on a line of Toys R Us-exclusive Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Imaginext toys - which will include a giant Mega Zord vehicle/set.
The 100
Here's a promo for tonight's episode, ''Resurrection.''

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