Tuesday, March 17, 2015

IN OTHER NEWS... 03/17/2015

IN OTHER NEWS... The Flash returns! Yay! Community returns! Yay! Thunderbirds returns! Yay! Yay! Yay! Plus we've trailers for tonight's episodes of iZombie, Face Off and Agents of SHIELD! Check it out!

Community gets its sixth Season (but no signs of a movie... yet...) courtesy of Yahoo Screen. Here's the trailer for the new season, plus a link to the show's page, where you'll also find handy catch-up guides to the previous five season (including the terrible Gas Leak Season 4...) to bring you up to speed.
The Flash
The Flash returns with what looks to be a game-changing episode tonight. All I can say is 'ooOOOOooooh!''
Thunderbirds are GO!
Gerry Anderson's International Rescue is set to return to our screens (well, technically ''their screens'' as we don't know if this UK-based show is airing in the US and if we don't get it then there is no justice in the world) in an all-new CGI remake of the classic TV show. I love that the show has kept the original's aesthetic and I'd never have thought a simple countdown could give me goosebumps... The only way this could be better is if they used the original Thunderbirds Theme
The CW adds another genre show to its roster with the premiere of iZombie tonight. With The Flash acting as a lead-in, it has the potential to be this year's Big Thing but the ''supernatural procedural'' format may be a little too by-the-numbers to sustain viewers. Check it out tonight at 9PM EST on The CW.
Agents of SHIELD
It looks as if somebody at ABC has finally got over their fears of a superhero show featuring, you know, actual superheroes - we can only assume the success of The Flash has something to do with that - and now they've got the origin story of the mutants - sorry, ''Inhumans'' - out of the way, the team has a host of metahumans to deal with in tonight's episode.
Face Off
Continuing the superhero trend, in tonight's episode the remaining artists are charged with creating super-powered alter-egos - for themselves!

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