Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IN OTHER NEWS... 03/25/2015

IN OTHER NEWS... Sneak peeks at tonight's Lucha Underground, The Goldbergs and Arrow, plus a look ahead at Friday's 12 Monkeys and Helix, the trailer for Sunday's The Walking Dead finale and more!

The Goldbergs
In tonight's episode, Erica and Barry call Beverly's bluff, resulting in a shift in the power dynamic, while Adam gets lost at the game...
Diggle and Lyla (re)tie the knot. But their happiness is short-lived...
Lucha Underground
It's a double-title defense special tonight, featuring Alberto El Patron versus Texano for the AAA World Heavyweight title then Prince Puma versus Cage for the Lucha Underground championship.

Note: Due to a bug that's sweeping through TF Towers, it's unlikely we'll be posting any updates for the remainder of the week, so here's a look ahead at the rest of the week's TV.

12 Monkeys
Friday sees Cole finally travel to 1987 for his date with (pre)destiny. Check out this sneak peek scene and be sure to tune-in on Friday at 9PM EST.
And SyFy's Friday of awesome continues with Helix. Here's a scene from this week's episode, ''Plan B.''
Saturday's slice of spooky silliness features The Evil of Frankenstein. Unfortunately, MeTV doesn't appear to release their own trailers, so here's the movie's trailer, sans Svengoolie.
Carry On Screaming
If you like your horror with a hint of the hysterical, TCM is airing the spooky spoof Carry On Screaming this Saturday at 10:30 AM.

The Walking Dead
Here's a scene from Sunday's 90-minute season finale, ''Conquer.''

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