Wednesday, April 22, 2015

IN OTHER NEWS... 04/22/2015

IN OTHER NEWS... The Goldbergs pays homage to the greatest story of twue wuv ever, Agents of SHIELD spin-off rumors, indie horror TEN release details, a look ahead at tonight's Arrow, plus a rumor that the Flash/Arrow spin-off may have finally been named...

The Goldbergs
In tonight's episode, Adam takes up fencing after being inspired by The Princess Bride. 
Here's the trailer for tonight's episode, ''The Fallen.''
Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off
ABC is reportedly planning a spin-off from the core SHIELD series, In what sounds like a superpowered take on Mr & Mrs Smith meets the 60's TV show Avengers namesake, the as-yet-unnamed show would focus on the characters of Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, played by Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood, respectively. As their addition to Agents of SHIELD was one of the highlights of the original show (not that there were that many) it's certainly an odd move on Marvel's part - unless the plan is to use this show as a stop-gap between AoS episodes...
Indie horror TEN is now available on DVD and VOD. To remind you of the super retro-coolness of this flick, here are the opening credits. Head over to the TEN website to grab your copy now.
Untitled Arrow/Flash Spin-Off
During a recent con appearance, actor John Wesley Shipp referred to the upcoming Arrow/Flash spin-off as ''Legends.'' As TNT already has a show with the same title, it's safe to assume he's either using a working or abbreviated title. (According to Bleeding Cool, the full title is  in fact''Legends of Tomorrow.'') He also announced that the show had a full 13-episode order and implied it may even exist in the same universe as the upcoming Supergirl show.

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