Monday, May 4, 2015

IN OTHER NEWS... 05/04/2015

IN OTHER NEWS... a look ahead at tonight's Gotham finale, our first look at the DC Cinematic Universe's Suicide Squad, Vin Diesel's latest project and SyFy cancels on show but gives us a preview of a new one!
Here's a look ahead at the Gotham Season Finale.

SyFy has elected not to renew Helix for a third season. It's understandable, given the way Season 2 ended but I'll have to admit I'm going to miss the crazy bastard.

The Last Witch Hunter
Suicide Squad
Director David Ayer Tweeted this image yesterday, featuring the Task Force X line-up (minus The Joker and Amanda Waller.)

And as one SyFy window closes, another opens... Check out this io9-exclusive clip from the upcoming series, Killjoys.

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