Monday, June 1, 2015

NEWS: Imaginext Collectible Figures Series 5 Spotted at Retail

With Series 4 only just hitting certain areas (my own locale included) you'd be forgiven for thinking we'd have another few months of waiting to see the next series of Collectible Figures from Imaginext. But you'd be wrong...

The fifth series of the awesome blind-bagged figures has already appeared on the West Coast of the US (at Walmart) and whilst we've no idea when the rest of the country will see them, it's good to at least not only have a confirmation that the line will continue but also that they'll (hopefully) be available in a store near you soon.

If you can't make-out the line-up, here's a breakdown of what to expect (please note these are our personal names for each character, subject to official confirmation.)

Crash Test Dummy
Fly Mutant
Storm Warrior
Warrior Queen

No codes yet but we'll be sure to bring you them as and when we find them!


  1. What?!! What??!!! Must own these!!!

  2. OK, I've regained my composure now!

    Seriously, there's not a dud in this set! The ghost might be my favorite but I love that we've finally got a Wolfman. The fly is amazing as is the warrior queen and the storm warrior. BTTILC anyone?

    1. I know. I thought Series 4 had a strong turn-out but this set is awesome.

      Hopefully we'll have more success with this wave (and also have some codes) soon!


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