Tuesday, October 6, 2015

IN OTHER NEWS... 10/06/2015

IN OTHER NEWS... The CW's telefantasy season kicks off again! Plus a look ahead at the rest of the week's viewing...

The Flash
And here's a look ahead at Season 2 of The Flash, which returns tonight at 8PM EST.

And here's a look ahead at what's in store in iZombie's second season, which begins tonight at 9PM.

CBS' ridiculously over-the-top-and-so-much-fun-for-it procedural continues tonight, with Brian investigating a notorious drug cartel, at 10PM EST.

Agents of SHIELD
Season 3 continues to remind everybody that Marvel also make movies.
The CW's DC adaptation returns tomorrow with the awesomely titled ''Green Arrow'' (finally!) So here's a look ahead at what's in store for Team Arrow over the course of this season...

The Goldbergs
Adam and Murray bond over a robotics project - which then leads to a falling out... Be sure to tune in to ABC, Wednesday at 8:30PM EST for your weekly 80s-licious fix.
Z Nation
Murphy's past catches up with him, 10PM EST on SyFy.


More wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey thrills on SyFy, 11PM EST.
Doctor Who
The Doctor is trapped in Quatermass & The Pit. How will he survive? BBC America, 9PM EST.

The vintage sci-fi shocker gets the Svengoolie treatment at 10PM EST on MeTV.
Classic Doctor Who
BBC America has a double-bill of Tom Baker goodness in the form of ''Terror of the Zygons'' and the fantastically Hammer-esque, ''Pyramids of Mars.'' Tune in (or set your DVR) for 9AM EST.

The Walking Dead
The runaway hit returns on Sunday at 9PM and things look as desperate as ever...

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