Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BARGAIN BUY: Tron Legacy Toys

Bargain Buy is a special News feature where we provide information on recently-spotted discount toys. Our first entry is the Tron Legacy series of toys, produced by Spin Master.

The Tron Legacy toys were poorly received by collectors. Although the light-up feature was cool, most felt this was also one of the toy's weakest points, given that to accommodate the battery pack the figures were produced with no waist or torso articulation. 

Pricing was another issue. Even the basic 3 3/4'' figures were around $2 more than a standard figure of the same scale, no doubt another knock-on effect from the light-up feature.

Those who were interested in dabbling with the line will be pleased to hear that the Tron Legacy toys have now gone into clearance mode. Walmart has begun selling the 3 3/4'' figures for $5 (almost $3 less than Toys R Us' discounted price) and the Deluxe scale figures have been spotted in Ross Dress for Less for $8*. 

* Note: prices and availability are based purely upon personal observations and may vary in your locale.


  1. I was so hyped about these figures when i heard they were coming out but once i saw them i just did not care for them.

  2. Yeah, I was bitterly disappointed with them, as I love the Tron movies and the figures looked good at a distance. It's just a shame they did such a poor job with them. They really should have produced light-up and non-light-up ones, the latter with proper articulation, as then they could have been something (and they could have been more competitively priced!)

    To be honest, even $5 is still a little too much for me. I picked up a couple on Sunday and then put them back when I weighed-up the cost vs enjoyment factor.

  3. their lack of popularity might also have something to do the new movie not turning out to be quite what many of us were hoping for. it was pretty good up until he finally finds his dad. at that point the story starts getting pretty convoluted. i was so fond of the original as a kid what a bummer. i even had a couple of the figures and the yellow light cycle.

  4. I dunno, I was more than impressed with the new movie and thought it was a really good sequel to the original. But then again, I think The Shawshank Redemption, Scarface and The Silence of the Lambs are all incredibly poor movies, so I doubt my finger is on the pulse of America... :)


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