Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Another capsule vending machine masterpiece, this Bok Choy Boy is one of a series of 12 collectable figurines.

Each of the 12 figurines - said to be From The Forbidden City -  features a Chinese symbol on their forehead and a matching sign on their back. The figurine featured here is ''Power.'' Check the back of his head and you can make-out the lightning-strike graphic.

Obviously he's not articulated but he is pretty cool, especially as the transparent orange plastic he's made from is not only a little bendy, but it also looks great.

There's also supposedly a larger-scale, buildable set of figures, although I've yet to see those.

The Bok Choy Boys are definitely recommended though. Fans of Gogo's Crazy Bones especially will love them, as they share that same ''designer vinyl on a budget'' kind of feel and don't look at all out of place with the Crazy Bones figurines.

Highly recommended.

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