Sunday, March 13, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Glow In the Dark Aliens

I'm a sucker for those capsule toys. From cheap, 25c rubbish to the more detailed Gashapon-style ubertoys, I'm always on the look out for unusual or fun toy-dispensing capsule machines. I love that anticipation of seeing what you're going to get and - in some cases - scoring a cool little treasure. And in this - our first Cool Capsules feature - I've got a doozy: glow in the dark aliens.

Interestingly, a few days ago I was considering posting some photos of the glow in the dark alien when, to my surprise, I saw Ranger Timmy had posted an update about an alien from the same line over at Why Did I Buy That Toy?

Start whistling that X Files theme, conspiracy fans!

Anyway, Timmy asked if I would do the same, so here he is!

Unlike Timmy's alien, mine has no baseball trappings. He's just a regular Joe. Who happens to be a glow in the dark grey-style alien. The sculpt is nice enough but he does have a few mold lines and a fairly heft injection point. His paint isn't badly applied, even if it's a little splodgy around the eyes. He's still a cool little thing though and certainly worth the 25c I paid for him. I just wish I could remember where I found him, as I'd love to pick up a few more...


  1. those are really cute. I'd buy em in a heart beat

  2. They're worth 25c of anybody's money. I wish I could find the machine I got him from again, as I'd love to get a few more.

  3. I remember getting mine from a bowling alley.

  4. I think I got mine either at a Kroger or a Burlington Coat Factory... I can't recall which exactly! Oh well. I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled!


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