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REVIEW: GI Joe 25th Anniversary - Cobra Bazooka Trooper

Cobra Bazooka Trooper | Produced by Hasbro | Released 2008

The motto of the COBRA BAZOOKA TROOPER force is, ''Simple gets the job done... with a bang.'' These basic infantry troopers are given the bare minimum of training, handed a rocket launcher and sent into the field to fire at anything that gets between them and their destination. Their rocket-propelled grenades are simple yet effective, capable of blasting through even explosive reactive armor on advanced battle vehicles. They take pride in the simplicity of their weapons and quietly scorn the higher-ranking troopers with their technologically complex systems.

Packaging Shots

Cobra Bazooka Trooper
The Cobra Bazooka Trooper is a redress of the previously released Cobra Trooper, but with a few new additions.

The basic sculpt is pretty good, overall, with some nice details. There's a leg strap/sheath that holds a bayonette-style dagger on the left leg and a couple of pouches and fasteners on the rest of the fatigues to add a little detail. This is augmented with a black (removable) harness with more straps, pouches and details. Although it's very much a uniform look (this is after all, an Army Builder figure) it's effective and looks good.

The head sculpt - which includes a removable helmet - is nicely done and there's a fairly realistic head here. The mouth scarf, sadly, is not removable.

Articulation is fine, although getting him to hold the bazooka in both hands can be problematic due to the inflexibility of his shoulders and the length of the weapon. It's possible with some work, though but it doesn't always look great. Joints are tight enough to hold poses without issue.

Paint is fine. Being a 25th Anniversary figure, you know the Cobra Bazooka Trooper isn't going to have the more realistic looking colouring but what's here is fine. Details are cleanly applied and the figure isn't too garish.

The Cobra Bazooka Trooper comes with a stand, a bazooka, a combat knife/bayonette and a small pistol. The knife fits neatly into his leg harness but sadly he doesn't come with any form of holster for the pistol. It's also a shame the bazooka doesn't have a peg to fit into his back port, as that would be a nice addition.

His helmet - which is a little loose - is removable.

Final Thoughts
The Cobra Bazooka Trooper is a fairly simple figure, especially compared to some of the more complex Pursuit of Cobra toys. But that's fine. For what he is, he's pretty good. If you're looking for a ''classic'' Army Builder, then this guy should be on your radar. His sculpt - although not massively complicated - is fine, ditto for his paintwork and although he could do with taking down the hue of his uniform a notch or two, he's not one of the more outlandish figures in the line.

There's nothing to get particularly excited about here but there's also very little to offend. Classic Joe fans will probably appreciate him more than modern fans, but even so he's not without his appeal and he looks no more out of place among the Pursuit of Cobra figures than some of the others from that line like, say, Shadow Tracker.

A solid - if a little uninspired - classic Army Builder.

Production QualityB
Final ScoreB

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  1. Now i like this one Lok where did you score this one at?

  2. This was a Big Lots score, along with a Flint in Cobra disguise.

  3. Ah Big Lots you got to love that place. : )

  4. Yeah, I found Flint there a few days ago but somebody had opened the pack and taken his spare head. I was very happy to find him there again today!

  5. I need to get over to our Big Lots again soon also you can find Joes sometimes at Family Dollar or Dollar General stores if you have those in your area as well.

  6. The only Joes I've seen in the Dollar General are the mini-carded ones that come without accessories. They did have a cool Desert Viper figure that would work well with the HISS Tank. I should probably get one or two of them...

    As for Family Dollar, I tried one store and had no luck. I'll see about checking out some others when I'm out.

    And yeah, Big Lots also have the comicbook two-packs for $10.


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