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REVIEW: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander (Rise of Cobra Version) | Produced by Hasbro
Released July 2009

The deviously brilliant leader of COBRA demands complete allegiance from his followers as he works toward his ultimate goal of controlling the world. He hides a deadly secret few others know, just as his mask covers disfiguring damage from a fiery accident.

Packaging Shots

Cobra Commander
Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed we've already looked at the Cobra Commander a couple of times (here and here.) This Cobra Commander is the original release of the Pursuit of Cobra line Cobra Commander - the only difference being the paintwork and accessories.

The biggest difference is the Commander's mask. On the Pursuit of Cobra figure, it's solid silver. Here it's a clear-plastic visor, beneath which is visible a burned/scarred face. Personally I prefer the silver look. Similarly, the blue paint within this Commander's coat is a deep burgundy on the Pursuit of Cobra figure. Again, I prefer that. There's also a red Cobra logo on the Pursuit... figure that's not present here.

The Cobra Commander's chest armour also lacks the metallic sheen of his Pursuit... counterpart. That aside, the figures are identical.

The Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander comes with a different set of accessories to the Pursuit... version.

Like most of the Rise of Cobra figures, he comes with an oversized firing weapon. This is actually pretty cool but doesn't quite sit on his shoulder as well as I'd hoped. The clear green missile looks nice, though.

He also comes with a pistol, Nanomite injector and data pad, both of which can fit into the port on his leg. The weapon sculpts are OK but the plastic is a little, well, plastic-looking. A Cobra snake and stand round-off the accessories.

Final Thoughts
If you want a modern Cobra Commander, buy the Pursuit of Cobra one - it's simply a better-looking, better-equipped figure. The paintwork on the Pursuit... version is vastly superior and really brings out the detailing on the sculpt. If you're not a fan of this sculpt, save your money, as there is a ''classic'' Cobra Commander coming to the line soon. However, if you're a completist, a fan of this look or you just need a bad guy to menace your Joes, then the Pursuit of Cobra version of the Commander should be your choice, not this one.

Production QualityB
Final ScoreC+

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  1. Still don't like this rendition of old CC so i will wait and get the next one that is coming out soon. : )

  2. I really like the PoC one. This one just doesn't work for me. And yeah, the new Commander will be interesting to see.

  3. The new CC along with Croc Master and Cobra Viper are on my wanted list. : )

  4. See I'm not massively impressed with the more ''cartoonish'' Joe figures coming up in that wave. You know I'll still buy them though... :D

  5. Well my deal with the cartoonish ones is they are the ones i had growing up and the ones i really enjoy the most but i do for the most part enjoy all the "Small Joes" cartoon or not. : )

  6. Yeah, I can totally get that - I like some of the older Micromen/Micronauts over some modern ones for the same reason.

    I just don't get why they're doing - essentially - the 25th Anniversary range again with just a few tweaks (well, I do - it's financial) - I'd personally like to see a more lifelike interpretations of the characters.

    Of course I'll still be buying them... :)


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