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REVIEW: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Baroness (Paris Pursuit)

Baroness (Paris Pursuit) | Produce by Hasbro | Released July 2009

As dangerous as she is beautiful, BARONESS is a master spy for COBRA and a powerful, high-ranking figure at MARS Industries. She speeds through the streets of Paris with the nanomite technology to complete her destructive mission.

Packaging Shots

Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
We've already seen another Baroness from the Rise of Cobra line. Although the figure's body sculpt and accessories were great, she was let-down by a very poor head-sculpt. Is this version - with its retooled head - any better?

Thankfully, yes.. Although this new figure introduces some issues of its own.

We'll start with that head sculpt. It's certainly an improvement over the previous Baroness but she still has a slightly drawn look about her. Strangely, the photos actually make her look pudgier than she is. It's still not a perfect sculpt but it's much better than the other Baroness figure and if I find another Paris Pursuit version for sale, I'll be buying it just so I can replace the other's head.

The body sculpt is again very good, with lifelike proportions. Baroness, for example, doesn't have the stuck-on-water-balloons-for-breasts seen on the Marvel Universe female figures and instead has a more realistic build and shape. Her hips are also more feminine than a male figure's (and so they should be!) and it's clear that somebody on the GI Joe sculpt team knows how to make women look like women and not just modified men.

There's some nicely-rendered detail on the figure, with her sleeves having creases and folds around the elbows to give the impression of a looser material. I especially like the way the belt looks as if it's sitting on her hips, rather than simply being wrapped around her middle. It gives the figure a very lifelike look. Like her ''vanilla'' counterpart, she's wearing high heels. Again, this is nicely sculpted and really sets her apart from the other Joes. A lot of thought has gone into making her appear female.

What's not so great though is her trenchcoat tails. Whilst the sculpt is superb, with a real sense of sweeping dynamism to the way they're folded, they're made from a cheap-feeling plastic. It's hard to describe but it feels as if it's been melted and is much harder/more brittle-feeling than you'd expect. The Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes used a soft, rubbery material for his coattails and I expected the same thing here. Don't get me wrong - it looks great but it just feels strange.

These coattails also serve to inhibit movement on her lower body. She looks great with her feet firmly planted on her stand, which is just as well, as this is the only pose you can really get out of her. I'm not joking either. Forget about trying to pose her in any kind of running, kneeling or sitting pose - aside from some minor ''adjustment'' movement, she's locked from the waist down.

Her hair is also a little restrictive but not as bad as some figures and it's quite possible to get the pose you want with a little effort. One other odd point is her left wrist's cast. Her hand is tilted a little and so whenever a gun is placed in it, the weapon tips forward. The only way to get her to level a weapon is to bend her elbow. Her right hand fares a little better, although getting her to hold the larger weapons is a pain - her hands are simply too small. 

Minor points aside, articulation is fine.

Paint is used sparingly but is effective. The studs and buckle on her belt are cleanly picked-out with chrome/silver and she has a Cobra logo on her right arm. Facial details are well-applied and aside from a minor flesh-tone issue (I think she looks paler than she should) all is fine. Interestingly, this Baroness' hair also features highlights, something missing from the previous figure.

Baroness comes with four standard-scale weapons (two machine pistols, two rifles), a stand and an oversized nanomite launcher (that actually works.)

This weapon is too large for her to hold in a natural manner and although the control panel on the side is removable, it's not really detailed or fun enough to merit much attention.

Unlike the previous Baroness figure, her glasses are not removable.

Final Thoughts
As a plaything, the Paris Pursuit Baroness is a failure. The lack of lower-body articulation and the poor gripping hands make for a toy that simply doesn't offer much fun. If you're looking for a toy figure to play with, get the other Baroness.

However, if - like me - you're a collector looking to add a quasi-statue to your display case, then this figure is great. The dynamism of the coattails, the body proportions and the improved face sculpt put this figure ahead of the Attack on the GI Joe Pit Baroness.

I'm therefore awarding a Score based upon the latter definition. If you want a plaything, look elsewhere. But if you want a great-looking figure to add to your collection, then the Paris Pursuit Baroness is a must.

Production QualityA-
Final ScoreA-

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  1. well all that being said Iok the figure looks good just simply positioned in it's stand.

  2. Yeah, as a toy it's not much fun but as a kind of semi-posable sculpture it's excellent.

  3. Wow the body looks great but the head is not so good sort of like a few of the gals i used to see at the bars when i was younger and single lol.

  4. This head sculpt is much better than the Paris Pursuit one, but it's weird that they just don't seem able to do a decent-looking Baroness.


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