Friday, May 6, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Freaky Geek Cy-Fi

Last month we took a look at Knuckles from the Freaky Geeks figure line. Today it's the turn of his capsule-mate, the pun-tastic Cy-Fi.

Manufactured at the same ''scale'' as other vended toys such as the Bok Choi Boys and the blind-bagged phenomenon Gogo's Crazy Bones, Freaky Geeks are a range of ''designer vinyl''-style toys, retailing at 50c each.

When I looked at Knuckles I stated how disappointed I was in the disparity between the advertised figure and the actual toy - specifically that the figures are shown fully-painted but come with barely any app. Ron of Ron's Random Stuff (who originally tipped me off to these toys) explained that some of the figures do indeed come fully painted - he has some on his blog - so I assume it's a kind of ''chase variant'' or ''Rare'' figure and the less-painted/unpainted versions are ''Commons.''

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's look at Cy-Fi.

Cy-Fi is a 1950's-style ''little green man'' alien with one eye (hence the name), armed with some form of ''bubble gun'' (the painted ''artwork'' version shows the bulge at the tip of the gun in bubblegum pink.) Whether that's a play on words - bubble gun/bubblegum - I don't know.

Cy-Fi's basic sculpt is actually pretty good, if simple. The head is where the real detail is, with ''space spots'' on his bulbous cranium, pointed space ears and head-top antennae setting off the look. I particularly like the antennae - they have a real Looney Tunes-look about them that works well. There's also a nicely-lidded eye and a curled-lip finishing the look. What's strange is that if you look at him facing left, he looks mean. Look at him from the right and he looks amused. It's a cool little touch and gives him a lot of character.

The body sculpt isn't too exciting though and it would have been nice to see him with some extra details like a belt or boots or some other accessories. 

Another negative is the figure's finish. There's a large gash down the right-hand side of his head and some ''mess'' on his left elbow. It's also disappointing that the only paint on the figure is his pupil. 

Still, for 50c he's a pretty cool little toy and now I know that there are indeed fully-painted versions of the toys, I'm sure I'll be going back for more.

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