Saturday, May 14, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Numb Skullz ''Bernie''

We've seen the Numb Skullz here before, with Bernie's ''capsule cousin'' Louie appearing in a previous Cool Capsules feature. However, last night as I was leaving a store I spotted a Numb Skullz vending machine and - as I'd had no luck finding any of the new GI Joe or Marvel Universe figures - I decided to console myself with a 50c toy instead. And Bernie was the result.

Bernie shares the same basic body type with Louie. As I mentioned in the previous Cool Capsules, it's a shame that they've used the same core mold and it would be nice to see more unique body shapes to help differentiate the characters and make them more interesting.

On the plus side, though, he is called ''Bernie'' and that's a pretty awesome name for a skull-faced thingamabob.

Bernie's design appears to be a homage to Marvel's Ghost Rider, being a flaming skull. It's a very cool design but the application isn't the best. There's a dead-spot right between the eyes where the tampo didn't seat properly and it's one of those things that - once seen - is always there. It's a shame, as the actual design - as I say - is pretty cool.

Like Louie, Bernie also suffers from some pretty hard injection mold marks, with a large ''lug'' on the left of his head that's so prominent it looks like part of the sculpt (it's not.) There's also a very hard mold line across the toy.

The Numb Skullz aren't a bad little line but given that the Freaky Geeks and Bok Choy Boys retail for the same price (a pocket-friendly 50c!) and have much better quality control, I'd have to recommend either of those toys over these. Still though, they're 50c each, they have great names and some of the designs are cool. Just don't expect much in the way of quality.

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