Monday, May 2, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Numb Skullz ''Louie''

''Gogo's Crazy Bones.'' Three words that have spawned an entire industry of homages, knock-offs, look-alikes and ''tributes'' in the world of vending machine toys. On that list of toys - which includes Bok Choi Boys and Freaky Geeks - you can add another entrant: the Numb Skullz. 

The basic Numb Skullz figurines all share the same core sculpt, with twelve face transfer variants. In addition to this there are six colourway variants per transfer making a total of seventy two figures to collect.

Louie, the subject of today's Cool Capsules, features what would probably be best described as a ''standard'' skull face. Unlike some of the other Numb Skullz, he has two eyes, a nose and the remnants of teeth, with a design that's probably the most face-like of all the designs I've seen (you can see the others here.)

The transfer is nicely designed and cleanly applied, with the only real negative being a slight bubble/''blip'' on the figure's right-hand side. The sculpt is also pretty good, although there are some hard mold lines and a couple of injection points on either side of his head. The production quality isn't bad though, especially for a 50c toy.

Are the Numb Skullz the new Gogo's Crazy Bones? Sadly, the answer is ''no.'' Whilst the transfer designs are cool and the overall quality of the figurine is pretty good, the line itself simply doesn't feature enough variation to keep it interesting. I like that there are colour variants of each toy and that the transfers feature cool designs but the big drawback is the use of a standard body. There's just not enough of a difference between the figures to make them as interesting as they really should be.

Still though, the Numb Skullz are pretty cool little 50c toys and they make another great addition to that line of  of ''urban/designer vinyl''-influenced toys on a budget that's started to pop-up in vending machines.

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