Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NEWS: DC Hits Massive Reset Button on Everything

DC Entertainment has announced that September will see a complete reboot of their entire universe and comic lines.

Eschewing a Crisis on Infinite Earths-style ongoing series to restructure, reorder and make sense of their (admittedly convoluted) continuity, DC is instead simply wiping the slate clean and starting over, in what sounds like their answer to the Marvel Ultimates line.

Not only will every major player in the DC Universe receive a visual make-over (and presumably modifications to their origins and back stories) but DC is also resetting every single publication's numbering, starting with fifty new Issue #1s. Whilst this may be a great way to introduce new fans to their universe, it will, I'm sure, strike a sour note with collectors and long-time readers.

DC will also be expanding their digital distribution, with print issues being made available in digital form on the same day.

You can read more of DC's insane ambitious plans over at Newsarama.


  1. Ugh. This sound exhausting. However, I am always interested in Superman, so I am curious to see what major changes they have for him.

  2. I know. I'd have preferred to see a new imprint, like DC POW! or DC Millennium or something akin to the Marvel Ultimates line that re-invented the characters and started over. It sounds like a pretty big gamble to me.

  3. Oh man this is a pretty big announcement and it makes me wonder how long time readers are going to like this or not but i guess if all else fails they can re-boot again.

  4. They did it with Superman...!

  5. oh man there's already so many pissed off people about this which does crack me up even though i'm not sure what to make of this DC "reset".

  6. It's a brave move for sure but I can kind of understand what they're trying to do with it. I just think they should have started a new imprint rather than just rebooting everything.


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