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REVIEW: GI Joe Rip Attack Tiger Snake with Street-Viper

Produced by Hasbro | Released January 2010

STREET-VIPERS are urban combat troopers for COBRA and skilled in car racing and mobile, fast-strike operations. They memorize every inch of their assigned cities to maximize their ability to attack, escape, defend and destroy with precision and speed.

Packaging Shots

We've already seen the Snake Eyes Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle pack but now it's the turn of Cobra's Tiger Snake and it's driver, the Street-Viper.

For a ''bundled'' figure, the Street-Viper has a great sculpt and is a quality figure, overall. The basic figure is a repackaged/repainted/kitbashed hybrid of the MARS Industries Trooper and Elite Viper but given the faceless nature of the Street-Viper, it's not a big deal and unlike the Gladiator figure from the Marvel Universe line I Reviewed earlier, the reused pieces are actually worth reusing.

The sculpt has a good level of detail to it, with some nice armour plating, pockets and general uniform-ish stuff going on. The basic uniform is further augmented with a removable, soft plastic chest piece that works really well with the molded-on shoulder pads and gauntlets. It's a nice, menacing look that works particularly well, especially when coupled with the visor-faced helmet/head sculpt.

There's also a removable belt that features a holster (although sadly he doesn't come with a sidearm) and a couple of ammo pouches, plus a walkie-talkie. It's a great detail and I'm pleased to see that Hasbro hasn't skimped on the details with this figure, even if he is ''just a driver.''

Articulation is good although - as you can see from the above photos - it's difficult to pose him in any kind of meaningful way, as he lacks any form of weaponry (despite the functioning hip holster.) That aside though, the joints are nicely fluid without being loose, he's flexible and he fits well into the vehicle (see below.)

The paintwork has a cool, scraped-metal look to it, with the armour featuring a couple of washes to really set-off the sculpt and make it look like plating. Additional details - such as arm straps - are neatly applied and the whole colour scheme of dark blue, gun metal and black is incredibly effective. I like the Street-Viper a lot.

Tiger Snake
What of the Street-Viper's vehicle, the Tiger Snake?

The Tiger Snake is a three-wheeled vehicle, with two wheels at the fore and a larger wheel to the rear. An opening roll-bar/canopy cover allows you to position the Street-Viper within (it takes a little poking around but it's quite easy once you get his legs sorted) and the roll-bar then locks into place quite nicely. Not that it's really needed, as the figure sits quite snuggly within the driver's position.

Despite the Rip Attack gimmick (more on that later) this is actually a pretty good-looking vehicle and it stands-up quite well to many of the Alpha and Bravo class vehicles. The basic chassis is cast from a single colour red plastic with a few details such as panels and trim that are further enhanced with grey/silver metal pieces such as the roll-bars, wheel trims and the front mounted... scoop? Multi-barrel cannon? I'm not sure. Whatever it is though, it looks cool.

There are also a couple of nice details within the cockpit, specifically a steering wheel and padded seat, both of which are cast in the same black as the wheels, which helps tie the whole look together. Speaking of wheels, the rear tire is made from a soft, rubbery plastic that gives it a lot of purchase.

Mounted on the left-hand side of the Tiger Snake is a chain/Gatling gun, again cast from silver/metallic plastic. Although the weapon has no function (i.e. it doesn't fire or rotate) it's nicely sculpted and well-designed, fitting perfectly onto the weapon mount and the ammunition belt clips cleanly into the slot provided.

The whole thing is very sturdily constructed and feels quite solid and weighty, thanks to the Rip Attack engine. Like the Jet Storm Cycle, the Tiger Snake can also be launched using a rip cord and docking station. The process is pretty simple: back the Tiger Snake into the docking station, insert the rip cord then pull, which ''charges'' the engine. Place the docking station on the ground and pull the trigger and the Tiger Snake is launched. It's a fun little feature and I can imagine kids enjoying this a lot. 

What's particularly cool is that the Tiger Snake is clearly designed to be used in this manner: it's heavy, bulky and solid-feeling and I'm sure it could survive many a play session or being launched over a few staircases without really suffering any ill effects.

The pack includes the rip cord and Street-Viper clip and collect card (pre-clipped!) but no weapons or stand for the Street Viper.

Final Thoughts
The Street Tiger with Street Viper is actually a very fun toy. The Rip Attack gimmick is cool and - more importantly - optional. Display the Street Tiger without the docking/launching station and it's still a pretty cool-looking toy and is no less detailed than the majority of GI Joe vehicles. The Street-Viper is also a cool figure, especially for a ''bundled'' extra and I'm now actually quite excited about opening and Reviewing the MARS Industries 3-pack I've had sitting in my ''To Do'' pile for a while, if they're anywhere near as good as this figure.

I liked the fun factor of the Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle but felt the design was a little compromised due to the gimmick. There are no such issues here though, as the Tiger Snake is a very menacing-looking, nicely-designed and cool-looking toy. Add to that a great pilot and a fun play gimmick and you've got a toy that's well-worth seeking out.

UPDATE: I should add that my Tiger Snake was purchased from Toys R Us' clearance section for $5, which is considerably less than the retail price. 


Production QualityB+
Final ScoreB+

Tiger Snake
Production QualityA-
Final ScoreA-

Final ScoreA-

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  1. I haven't see these only the flying ones.

  2. They're kind of oddly packed - the box obscures everything but the handle of the docking/launch station so it's hard to see that they're actually vehicles.

    They are a lot of fun though.


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