Thursday, June 23, 2011

REVIEW: Wacky Packages Erasers - Prickles & Cavemanwich

Produced by Topps | Released April 2011

You may recall that we've already taken a look at the Chimps Ahoy, Geek Giant and Slacker Jack toys these super-cool, blind-bagged collectable erasers from Topps. Today it's the turn of the contents of Pack #2 - Chimps Ahoy (again), Prickles and Cavemanwich.

Packaging Shots

Chimps Ahoy
My first pack contained the ''Rare'' Chimps Ahoy cookies, as - sadly - did my second. For details, please see the earlier Review.

Prickles are - as you've probably figured out - a play on ''Pringles'' the gag being that they're crisps made from pieces of cactus.

Like all humour, it's a matter of what you find funny. Personally I don't think this gag is as well-executed as some of the others. Unlike, say, the Slacker Jack packaging - which featured a few different riffs on the concept - here it seems as if somebody ran out of steam part of the way through the gag, although the ''NET WT 6.0 OZ of OW!!!'' did make me smile.

The sculpt and print are fine, although the brownish colouring of the package is a little drab and it doesn't ''pop'' in the same way as many of the others do.

For those unfamiliar with the product, this is a spoof of the Hunt's Manwhich, a canned sauce to which you add ground/minced beef to create ''Sloppy Joes'' - a kind of sauced sandwich.

The gag is pretty good, or so I think. I certainly laughed when I saw it and there are some nice little touches like the ''Just Add Brontosaurus'' aston. And whilst the artwork is good, again it's not really taking the gag as far as maybe it could have gone. It also seems a little fuzzy when compared to some of the other printed labels.

Each Wacky Packages Erasers pack contains a matching sticker for each eraser, plus a checklist.

Final Thoughts
I really like blind-bagged toys and I like comedy. So it's no wonder then that I like the Wacky Packages Erasers packs. It's disappointing to see I was able to score two identical ''Rares'' in two packs but it's not like it's the end of the world. I also found the new Wacky Packages to be a little less-impressive than the previously seen Slacker Jack and Geek Giant erasers. The colouring didn't pop so well and the gags were a little halfhearted.

However, for $3 a pack, you really can't complain about what you're getting here and if you're a fan of comedy or collectable, silly spoof-ish... things... then you'll enjoy these erasers.

Production QualityB
Final ScoreB

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  1. I keep seeing these at Toys R Us but i have yet to jump on aboard with them.

  2. They're fun if you like collectable stuff like trading cards/mini-figs.


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