Wednesday, July 6, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Freaky Geek Spike

Another Cool Capsules, another Freaky Geek!

Spike - as this figure is called - appears to be some kind of punk vampire. I wonder where they got that idea (and come to mention it, name...)

The sculpt is pretty cool. Spike has typically ''cute vampire'' features, such as arched eyebrows and tiny fangs and the look is finished-off with a punk attitude Mohawk and Goth-black attire. The only minor point is he seems a lot smaller/more ''fragile'' than the other Freak Geeks I've seen.

His pose is pretty cool, once you figure out he's doing a surf-dude/horns hand gesture. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a ''rock'' salute that's been mistranslated but it still looks good and the detail on the hand is particularly impressive.

I also like the face sculpt, which features a superbly kooky expression. Again, like many other toys from the line, his expression seems to change depending which way you look at it, with Spike being monstrously scary one way and confused the other.

This is actually that ''standard'' painted version, rather than the fully-painted ''chase'' variant but it's still a pretty good-looking toy. From what I can gather, the only difference between the two figures is that the chase variant Spike has red pants and his soul patch is painted black (it's unpainted here.) 

The paint app itself  is clean on the whole, with the sides of his Mohawk and his shoe edges being the only areas where the painter missed a spot or two. .

If you can find a Freaky Geeks vending machine anywhere, I'd recommend you try and pick up a couple. They're fun, nicely-sculpted figures and Spike is no exception.

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  1. I didn't relize the various degrees of paint application were varients. I just assumed it was poor quality control. I've gotten figures that range anywhere from fully painted to no paint.

  2. It's my understanding that the fully-painted ones shown on the packaging/machine art are the rares/chase variants and the others are more common.

    I have three Knuckles figures and every one is painted identically, yet they're not the fully-painted versions.

    Who knows? Maybe it is just poor QC!


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